About this


So, about this or us.
There isn’t much to say other than we are tired of having to search the internet in its entirety to find a fix for something that is broken.

Just as i stated in the opening “Hello, world!” post this will be a blog/wiki of sorts.  A diary or list of all of our collected knowledge on solutions for the problems we have faced and felt with.



Here-in lies the thoughts, workings and triumphs of two friends when it comes to finding a fix for that frustrating little problem.  Whether that problem be related to a piece of modern technology like a server,  a NAS, an OS or not the idea is to have a medium to share all of the solutions we know work.

Have you ever had an issue with something and scoured the internet for an answer, in and out different forums and ‘help’ sites that offer up outlandish an stupid fixes for what you’re dealing with?

We have and thats why we want to put all of the solutions, that we know work,  in the one place.

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