Updating phpMyAdmin on a Synology NAS


While for some this may seem trivial i know there will be others that are unaware of how simple it is to update your phpMyAdmin installation.
Currently, at the time of writing this, the latest version released by Synology is 3.5.3-0003 and the current version of phpMyAdmin is 4.1.1.

To update your installation you simply need to download the latest version from phpMyAdmin.net and extract the .zip file to a convenient place like your desktop. once that is done you need to connect to your Synology NAS and navigate to the ‘Web’ folder. This can be done a number of ways but i will show you one in particular, now, i am a mac user and hence i will demonstrate using OS X.

Connect to server
First click on the ‘Go’ menu from the top MenuBar

Server details
Once you have done so you will be prompted for your Synology NAS details. You and either enter in the IP of your NAS, if you know it, or you can simply enter the hostname (what you called your NAS).

Logon credentials
You will then be prompted to logon to the NAS

List of shared folders
Once you have entered your credentials and successfully logged in, you will be asked which of the shared folders you would like to connect to (this will be shown as a network drive on your desktop).

Web folder contents
You want to select the ‘Web’ folder from the list of available shared folders. There will be a folder called phpMyAdmin within your Web folder, this is the one you want.

phpMyAdmin contents
This is the important part. The file config.inc.php needs to be kept intact, you DO NOT want to overwrite this file. Copy it somewhere safe, back it up, the choice is yours.
Now all you need to do is copy the contents of the .zip file you previously downloaded and extracted to your desktop into the phpMyAdmin folder you have open on your NAS remembering not to overwrite the config.inc.php file.

Once you have done all of the above you simple need to stop/start the phpMyAdmin service on your Synology NAS. The easiest way is from the Package Manager.

HearthStone – Ranked Pally Deck


Hi All,

Welcome to the first of several HearthStone ranked decks. I’ve been running this deck for some time now and would be close to a 80% win rate.

The deck works around now mana cards with great synergy

2 x Humility

2 x Equality

2 x Argent Protector

2 x Bloodsail Raider

2 x Knife Juggler

2 x Sword of Justice

2 x Aldor Peacekeeper

2 x Imp Master

2 x Truesilver Champion

1 x Blessing of Kings

2 x Concsecreation

2 x Defender of Argus

2 x Spellbreaker

2 x Argent Commander

2 x Lay on Hands

1 x Tirion Fordring

The deck allows for several early turn combos with cards like Knife Juggler, Imp Master, Argent Protector and Sword of Justice, allowing for board control and decent field clear with Knife Juggler + Imp Master + Summon.

Cards such as Defender of Argus and Aldor PeaceKeeper allow for mid game control and buffs while Tirion Fordring, Argent Commander and Spell Breaker allow for end game control.

Give it a shot and let me know what you think!


Show User ~/Library Folder in Mac OS X


First cab off the rank, showing the user Library folder which is now hidden in Mac OS X as of 10.7 Lion.

This is something that i get frustrated with personally because i’m not entirely sure of the reasoning behind Apple hiding the user library but i assume was to stop people messing around with things in there.
For those of us who need access to the Library folder, for whatever reason, can unhide it with a simple terminal command.

sudo chflags nohidden ~/Library

N.B. It seems that whenever you update OSX the Library folder will be hidden yet again and you will need to enter the above command again.

If you aren’t comfortable using the terminal there is another way of accessing the Library folder by pressing and holding the ‘option’ key after clicking ‘Go’ from the Finder menu bar.

Hello world!


Here-in lies the thoughts, workings and triumphs of two friends when it comes to finding a fix for that frustrating little problem.  Whether that problem be related to a piece of modern technology like a server,  a NAS, an OS or not the idea is to have a medium to share all of the solutions we know work.

Have you ever had an issue with something and scoured the internet for an answer, in and out different forums and ‘help’ sites that offer up outlandish an stupid fixes for what you’re dealing with?

We have and thats why we want to put all of the solutions, that we know work,  in the one place.